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Home of "A Song For My Son" - the first wedding song in history

written for the Mother & Groom Dance.

And..."A Song For My Daughter"  by Ray Allaire

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"A Song for My Daughter" - CD Single


"New Wedding Traditions - Vol. 1"


"Incredible!...Now there's a song for that
overlooked lady, the mother of the groom."
-Katie Couric
"NBC's Today Show"

"I suggest you begin with A Song for My Son,
...A song for the mother of the groom
was long overdue."
-Abigail Van Buren
"Dear Abby"

"A Song For My Son" - Official Video

Dear Friends, 
Having sung at weddings for many years, 
I know first hand how hard it's been for people 
to find music written especially for weddings. 
It was because of this great need that I started
my company New Traditions Wedding Music
and why I assembled this collection of new wedding songs.

Mikki Viereck

"As We Break This Bread" - available on

New Wedding Traditions - Vol. 1

"A Song for My Son" - CD Single