Child of My Child 

"Child of My Child - A Grandparent's Prayer" expresses the special love felt by a grandparent for a grandchild. This CD contains both a vocal and an instrumental version of the song. Makes a great gift for that special grandchild in your life.


"Child of My Child" CD Single 


"God Doesn't Make Mistakes"  - CD Single 



"Hail Mary"  - CD Single 


"Portrait of an Artist's Father"   

CD Album   $15.00

Portrait of an Artist's Father

Featuring 10 original songs by keyboardist, arranger, singer and New Traditions' principle song-writer, Steve Moser.  Reflecting a wide variety of styles & moods, this album also features the supportive talents of many of the best musicians in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.  

God Doesn't Make Mistakes

Based on real-life events, "God Doesn't Make Mistakes" was written by the father of a child with Down syndrome. This touching ballad expresses the full range of emotions experienced by all parents of Down syndrome children. From initial shock, to unexpected joy, this song says it all. A comfort not only to parents, this song can also aid in helping friends and family to understand. Makes a great gift or keepsake.


Hail Mary

Hail Mary is a classically styled, meditative musical devotion. Inspired by Schubert's Ave Maria.  This CD single contains the English translation of the Hail Mary prayer set to music. In addition to the vocal track, there is also an instrumental track (for those who would like to sing the song themselves).